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Back view of all twelve months of our 2020 Houseplants calendar

22 Oct, 2019

2020 Calendar

We've revisited our best selling Houseplants for our 2020 Calendar, for a vibrant version that's sure to please!
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modern clematis print with cat

19 Oct, 2019

Floral Vase Screenprints

Our beautiful Floral vase screen print series will brighten any room, with clematis, lilies and figs in a deep teal green, nearly electric blue, and our classic neon pink. Elegant blooms in bold and graphic vases inspired by 80s Modernsim!
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The Birds of False Creek

12 May, 2018

The Birds of False Creek

The Birds of False Creek banner illustrates native birds found in and around the waterway: Canada goose, Barrow's Goldeneye, Great Blue Heron, Horned Grebe, Northwestern Crow, Gulls, Cormorants, Bald eagle and Vancouver’s official City bird, Anna’s Hummingbird.
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