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Banquet Workshop and Wasted Effort's bronze palmistry Hand brooch Out of stock

Bronze Palmistry Hand Brooch or Pin

On sale $44.40
Banquet Workshop Bronze Palmistry Hand pendant with sterling chain Out of stock

Palmistry Hand necklace in Bronze

On sale $69.60
Cast and engraved bronze banquet Workshop Ouroboros Snake Infinity pin or brooch

Ouroboros Snake Brooch in Bronze

Bronze Venus de Milo necklace by Banquet Workshop

Cast and Engraved Venus de Milo Pendant Necklace in Bronze

Banquet Workshop Silver Palmistry Hand pendant with antiqued chain

Palmistry Hand necklace in Sterling Silver

Silver cast and engraved Venus de Milo pin or brooch from banquet Atelier and Workshop

Venus de Milo Pin in Sterling Silver

sterling silver palmistry hand pin or brooch by banquet workshop

Palmistry Hand pin in Sterling Silver

Bronze venus de Milo Pin from Banquet Workshop

Venus de Milo Brooch in Bronze

Silver Ionic Doric Corinthian Column Pillar Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver Ionic Column Necklace

Cast and engraved sterling silver Venus de Milo necklace and chain from Banquet Workshop

Silver Venus de Milo Pendant and Chain

Banquet Workshop Snake Brooch, Ouroboros Pin, Infinity Symbol

Ouroboros Snake Brooch in Sterling Silver

Banquet Workshop Cast bronze Ionic or Doric column necklace

Ionic Column Necklace in bronze

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