Sweet Red Lip print on a stack of books

Framed Prints

We love working with Simply Framed! Any and all of our prints can be professionally framed for an affordable price.
Banquet Workshop's iconic neon heart screen print.

Art Print - Neon Pink Heart - For lovers everywhere

From $55.00
Overprinted neon rainbow art print in a white frame in the style of pop art with neon colour.

Art Print - Neon Rainbow

From $80.00
Banquet Workshop's classic Sea Animals of the Pacific Northwest fish and mammal and invertebrate screen print

PRINT - Blue Sea Animals of the Pacific Northwest Poster

From $65.00
fruit poster/screen print/clementine/orange art

Clementine Citrus Screen Print

From $60.00
screen print with a variety of mythical beasts and a key below Sale

PRINT - Mythical Beasts Art Poster - plum and grey

On sale from $30.00
Screenprint showing a selection of sea creatures from the Atlantic Ocean and coastline

Some Sea Animals of the Atlantic Screenprint

From $65.00
California Screen Print / Flora and Fauna of California / Plants and Animals from California

California Art Print

From $65.00
Banquet Workshop's Gulf Coast Sea Animals Screen Print  Edit alt text

Some Sea Animals of the Gulf Coast Art Print

From $65.00
art print of a stylized dove in black on white background Sale

Art Print - Dove in black

On sale from $33.50
Palmistry Hand key and guide screen print from Banquet Workshop

Palmistry Hand Art Print - Black and White Wall Art

From $45.00
banquet's famous heart screen print in a cool pastel neon pink, framed

Cool Pink Heart Screenprint

From $55.00
Banquet Workshop Pencil Cholla / Cactus poster / screenprint.

Pencil Cholla Cactus Print

From $22.00
New York state flora and fauna screen print in blue on white

New York State Flora Screenprint

From $65.00
bright yellow poster/orb print/sun print/fluorescent yellow

The Yellow Sun Screenprint

From $55.00
bright blue circle print on archival paper

The Cobalt Blue Sun Screenprint

From $55.00
Small print with hand written block letters reading Be Brave

Small Neon and Aqua Be Brave Print

pink sun print

The Neon Pink Sun Screenprint

From $55.00
Mod hot pink owl print in a frame from Banquet Sale

PRINT - Dove Art Poster - Geometric Modern Bird

On sale $12.00
Framed mod geometric peacock bird print from Banquet Workshop Sale

PRINT - Peacock Poster - geometric mod bird

On sale $12.00
wildflower art print with thistle ammi daisy oxeye in neon pink mustard green natural garden flowers native flowers

Wildflowers Screenprint

From $80.00
Do Good Things text on pink back ground

Do Good Things Affirmation Print

From $18.00
Banquet Workshop's bright red lip art print on white background  Edit alt text Sale

Art Print - Small Lips - Classic Lipstick Red

On sale from $22.50
Screen print of Leafy Fig Stems in a Vase  Edit alt text Sale

Ficus Vase Screenprint

On sale from $27.50
aqua green circle on archival paper

The Aqua Green Sun Screenprint

From $55.00
screen print of the brightest neon vase with vining clematis Sale

Clematis Vase Neon Screenprint

On sale from $27.50
Neon pink and baby blue burst and pop on a night sky / fireworks poster / screen print Sale

Fireworks Screen Print

On sale from $40.00
A framed screen print of Banquet Workshop's classic navy blue anchor perfect art for a cabin, living room or boys room or any sailor.

Art Print - Anchor - Navy Blue for the Sailor at Heart

From $44.00
You are Awesome affirmation print with white and orange text on a blue background

You Are Awesome Affirmation Print

From $18.00
screen print of a deep blue lily stem in a vase Sale

Deep Blue Lillium Vase Screenprint

On sale from $27.50
Banquet's 2-color screen print of a neo-classical branching Italian red coral Sale

Art Print - Italian Red Coral Print - Sale!

On sale from $37.50
"Right On!" reads this text based mint green and neon pink 8x10 inch print. Sale

Right On! Affirmation Print in mint and neon pink

On sale from $12.00
sweetest strawberry poster

Strawberry Pastel Neon Pink Screenprint

From $55.00
mountains screen print/pacific northwest art/lions/everest/world's tallest mountains/mountain climbing

Mountains Print

From $65.00
A poster version of the Birds of False Creek mural opposite Granville Island

Birds of False Creek - Digital Latex Print

Peace to All Humans Affirmation Print Sale

Peace to All Humans Affirmation Print

On sale from $12.00
Good Vibes affirmation print with ombre sunset pink orange yellow

Good Vibes Affirmation Print

From $18.00
pastel neon purple plum with dark green stem and leaf poster

Plum Art Print

From $55.00