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the trillium lands and savary island

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remember this?

since the early 1920s my family has summered on savary island, a tiny sliver of sand north of vancouver at the bottom of desolation sound. it is a unique and magical place, as anyone who has set foot there can attest.

since the beginning, despite the island's unparalleled natural beauty, development has gone unhindered. there are no rules; you can build whatever you can imagination. you can also clear rare trilliums from your property, burn garbage and plastic in your fireplace, and set a diesel spilling barge site on a stranger's doorstep. 
and now you can subdivide and build on the last and largest undeveloped block of land on the island, destroying in the process one of the finest examples of an intact sand dune system in canada, irrespective of community interests, efforts, or concerns.

if you know this place and have a moment to add your name to this petition, please do so, and help the savary island land trust in their efforts to protect the unique and enchanted area around duck bay (aka the trillium lands). 

and if i'm not around next summer you just might find me chained to an arbutus tree somewhere.