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what happened to you 2012?

i must have blinked somewhere because suddenly you are gone.

for 2013 i want some things serious and some things light:

  • to make homemade yoghurt and handmade ravioli and marmalade and bay leaf infused simple syrup and that salad with roasted vegetables and labneh and zhug
  • to make lots of good memories for the four and the (almost) seven
  • to snowshoe. in snow.
  • edit. refine. simplify.
  • fast tracked miracle cures. for ALS. and cancer too, while you are at it.
  • dance often with abandon
  • more swimming in the ocean and perhaps a lake or two. especially at night. with phosphorescence shooting the fish this way and that underneath me.
  • walk tall, breath deep, be happy
  • accept i cannot do it all
  • do it all

anything else?